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Designer's take on 2024

Five trends you don’t want to miss for your eCommerce brand. A short roundup of new tech and trends that we'll see in the coming year!


AI era is coming, get boomed or get doomed.

Retailers are reshaping the future of shopping with innovative AI technologies. Discover the latest trends and advancements revolutionizing the...


An overview of "CreativeOps"?

The new buzzword on the block, CreativeOps. Let's break this fun but serious keyword down in some detail.

Design tips

Key visuals & compositional flexibility

Achieving consistency across a seemingly infinite amount of sizes and proportions is not easy. Combine this with the business pressures of delivering...


Why software adoption is so difficult

It’s not a simple matter of purchasing an account for every employee and enforcing usage. It’s a matter of making organizational changes so every...

Marketing trends

Dipp's Ad Tech Review 2019

It's predicted that martech spendings will increase by 27.1%, reaching $122 bln, by 2022. Let's look at some big moments in this industry in 2019.

Marketing trends

Brand Consistency in Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketingis an approach in which brands provide seamless customer experiences regardless which touchpoint(s) a customer is at.


Highlights from Echelon Asia Summit 2019

We did hundreds of product demos for visitors coming to the dipp booth and listened to interesting insights and gathered as much feedback as possible.

Design tips

The psychology behind visual treatments

WITH a fair level of collaboration between human intuition and data-driven selections can bring effective results… and a decent visual look.

The anatomy of a digital ad

The typical elements of a digital ad are assets, slogan, copy, logo and a call-to-action (CTA). Let’s have a look into each of them.

Key insights about Malaysian eCommerce

More than 50% of Malaysians are e-commerce users and an average shopper brings a revenue of US$185. But where do they do this business?


Where to e-commerce? Southeast Asia edition

With a projected market volume of over 45 billion USD in 2023, Southeast Asian e-commerce is growing fast – and it already accounts for 40% of global...

Marketing trends

What lies in the heart of a good digital ad?

Digital advertising is no longer just a description for banner ads randomly located on various websites – instead, it stands for a number of...

RISE Hong Kong 2018: Take Aways

To sum up our goal of ‘exposure’ was two-fold. See how much of our current product we need to adjust, what features to add and what features to shake...

RISE Hong Kong 2018: Day 3

As the 5 P’s in your high school gym used to say, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, so always be prepared. Preparation starts with one...

RISE Hong Kong 2018: Day 2

We arrived at the convention center at 8am to set up and make sure we had ample time to mentally prepare for the pitch at 9am; we were the first...

RISE Hong Kong 2018: Day 1

RISE Conference is an international startup conference, with talks, workshops, pitch competitions for blindly optimistic startups like dipp.

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