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Taiwanese eCommerce enabler Hsin Hsin Galaxy (HHG) grows 3x clientele with zero additional design costs

One of the prominent brands Galaxy represents in Taiwan is Pandora jewelry. Pandora’s minimalist yet bold branding has allowed Galaxy to take full advantage of dipp’s automation software to grow revenue, unlike any other brand during the pandemic.


“We had been seeking to simplify the iterative process of sending design requests back and forth between our business and design teams. Over the past three years, we have implemented "real-time adjustments" on the Dipp platform, enabling seamless collaboration between our teams on a single platform. Our client base has tripled, and our team's productivity has also increased threefold.”

- Ethan Shaw, Director of HHG


Each of the many brands Galaxy represents requires constant updates to keep brand visuals fresh and up-to-date. With each visual update, there are time-consuming tasks like re-sizing, updating campaign messaging and exporting files. With such a high update frequency requirement and such a labor-intensive process, scaling clientele would be impossible due to the high expenses that will come with each additional client. Galaxy’s creative department had to find an alternative solution that would help them scale clientele with minimal costs.

Cue dipp’s production automation suite.

Software alone is not a solution

As we discussed before, software adoption is not a matter of getting everyone an account and enforcing usage. In fact, during the onboarding process, Galaxy’s creative department frequently met with us to develop an organizational strategy as well as creative strategies for their teams in order to take the most advantage of our software. From our end at dipp, we developed features to suit Galaxy’s new organizational structure and creative production demands.

Main goals for organizational change
Before making any changes to an organization, one must carefully consider and clearly formulate the goal one is aiming to achieve by making these changes. In the given scenario, the main goals and the intended outcomes were:

  • Protect brand equity
    The designers would set up guidelines for each brand in accordance with each brand’s style guide

  • Improve production speed
    Designers also set up branded layouts for each brand so non-designers would be able to produce visuals on their own

  • Eliminate redundant communication
    Brand teams were now less dependent on designers and required less communication

Adoption Process

With the organizational changes in place, the next step is to onboard the many Galaxy brand teams to use our platform for self-serve visual creation.

The Galaxy design team held regular workshops with every team to introduce the new work process. One by one, brands were onboarded to our platform and Galaxy’s design team was able to get each team to opt into the new process. As Galaxy’s visual design needs expanded, so did the efficiency of the creative production. Non-designers were able to freely take part in the production process and adjust pricing as needed, create visuals for new campaigns. All this without having to go through the lengthy process of filing requests and waiting on the design team.

Brand highlight

The Pandora Jewelry team was an early adopter of the newly established process and quickly achieved tremendous results.

With Pandora’s branding being straightforward and simple, they were the perfect candidate for a production automation pilot. With a simple typographic treatment and bold branding Galaxy’s design team built multiple product listing layouts, which were then used and re-used to create as many product visuals as the demand required.



Production automation
With the structural changes Galaxy made, they’ve been able to achieve some incredible results.

  • 3x their brand count over the past 3 years, while only hiring two additional designers

  • Able to push 2x the number of campaigns than before

  • 4x their production efficiency when measuring time spent creating one campaign

As for the Pandora brand, the pandemic period was one of its most profitable in recent years. Despite a grim outlook for the upcoming pandemic years, Pandora’s YoY growth was over 23%. Undoubtedly, one of the factors for such success was Galaxy’s ability to respond quickly to market demands with appropriate bundles and sale offers. The ability to have such a timely response to market demand can only happen with great organization and production processes in place.

Client management
One of the structural components worth mentioning here has to do with the sales strategy. During initial calls, Galaxy being the expert in Taiwanese e-commerce, goes through a process of client education on best practices and what matters and does not matter to Taiwanese consumers. One such practice results in the amount of creative reign and customization a typical campaign requires to be successful.

Strategic creativity
The real art comes when creative teams are able to develop art direction that:

  • Meet client requirements and is able to accommodate all campaign information

  • Works no matter what device or banner size it has to live on

  • Does not look generic and repetitive

All this means that by the time requests reach the design team, they are already primed for an automated production process and can be completed in no time.


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