Social Content for Your Brand — In the Grand Scheme of Things

Rest easy, we won’t bore you with incredible statistics about how many ads we see every second while we are asleep and how many billions of ads we see when we’re awake, or that 0% of the population can recall how many millions of letters they read on an average Tuesday. By this point, we’ve all heard so many useless and sometimes depressing statistics that we’ve lost all interest in them. And this brings us to advertising in this unbearably saturated world of never-ending streams of information.

Speaking abstractly, it makes no sense to spend time creating Rembrandt-type masterpieces just so you can fill your daily post quota (even Rembrandt wasn’t that prolific). I’d rather we thought of building a brand as a whole, being one Rembrandt masterpiece and every piece of content is a brushstroke of this masterpiece. Since it’s impossible to appreciate the beauty of a painting by studying every individual brushstroke on its own, one can only appreciate it when seeing all of the brushstrokes together at the same time and how each relates to the other. And like any masterpiece, every stroke, every note, every word contributes to a single whole.

Now then, if we stop with the metaphors, what that means is that the most repetitive tasks, when it comes to advertising in the digital space, are making daily social posts, promotions and news announcements. Looking at each post individually will rarely say everything your brand stands for. Rather, it’s how your content collectively contributes to your overall brand image and reflects your brand vision.

With this in mind, we’ve boiled it down to three simple rules when approaching high-volume social media content.

Focus on the one message you’re promoting in your post

  1. A,B,C! A=Always, B=Be, C=Concise! Always Be Concise!
    Focus on the one message you’re promoting in your post. If there are multiple messages or sales to announce, then create multiple posts. Keep it short, to the point without additions that may or may not ‘appeal to more people’. In other words, don’t talk about how your annual sales are also good for the environment, that will only weaken your message.

  2. Right Time For The Right Message
    In this world of too much happening at once and everyone is connected, it seems like any time is as good as any other time. However, keep an eye on your analytics and know when your users are typically engaging. Schedule your posts during peak engagement and not when they’re sleeping.

  3. Another A,B,C: Always Be Consistent!
    Practicing consistent branding from one post to the next is the only way for your brand to have any chance at becoming memorable. Unless you have the budget of Coca-Cola and 100 years to spend on branding, your only fighting chance at becoming recognizable is through meticulously consistent branding.

Now, obviously, advertising on social media is more complex than the three simple steps we’ve listed above, but these 3 steps will ensure your content will not look like the work of an amateur and have some opportunity to communicate.


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