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From briefs to efficiency: How Kérastase built a lean workflow with dipp

Kerastase says goodbye to long briefing & hello to lightning-fast production

Kérastase, a luxury haircare brand founded by the L’Oreal Advanced Research team, sells its products globally through e-commerce stores and well-known retailers. In Taiwan, Kérastase’s e-commerce operations are managed by a lean team of two campaign planners and one marketing designer shared with another L’Oreal Professional Product division.

Challenges before dipp

Launching monthly campaigns required 20 days of preparation, with up to 4 days dedicated to writing a 50-page PowerPoint brief. This left no room for adjustments based on sales or engagement performance indicators. With only three people managing all product needs, the process was impressive but left significant room for improvement.

Transition to dipp

Kérastase initially implemented dipp's studio service to collaborate with dipp on a managed service model, allowing dipp to immerse in Kérastase's process to understand campaign details, timelines, variants, and revision requirements. 

In addition to creating their visuals for each campaign, we also looked at historical visual data of their past campaigns to capture trends to inform future campaigns.


The thumbnail structure shared across various platforms Kérastase sells on

Building an Asset Library

During onboarding, we created an asset library with backgrounds, frames, stickers, and other elements to cover all scenarios. We also built layouts for product listing thumbnails, marketplace banners, and Google PMAX campaigns.

New Process Implementation

After the managed service period, Kérastase planners took over the process. They started creating visuals independently, eliminating the need for extensive briefs for the part-time designer. Using dipp’s spreadsheet-to-image feature, channel planners created product sets, thumbnails, and platform banners as needed. This allowed them to respond to market performance without waiting for a designer.


Product bundles created via spreadsheet-to-image automation

The channel planner was able to create product sets, product thumbnails and platform banners as needed. On top of that, they were able to respond to market performance without having to queue up a job for a designer who’s working on other brands. The same goes for the paid media planner; social media, LINE and Google PMAX content was being quickly updated as the planner saw fit.




 Pairing various gift-with-purchase with the featured product for different platforms


The numbers highlight the efficiency gained:

  • Go-to-market time: Reduced from 20 days to just 4
  • Paid media response time: Reduced from 3 days to just 2 hours

Other significant accomplishments include:

  • Strong visual coherence between product thumbnails, social media, and banner ads
  • Consistent brand language across frequent campaigns


Kérastase's lean team found unprecedented efficiency by adopting dipp, eliminating unnecessary processes and embracing a more streamlined approach. This case illustrates the potential for significant improvements in creative operations without expanding the team size.

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